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Developmental Concerns

What are they?

Developmental milestones are the sensory, cognitive, physical, emotional, language and social abilities that each child should achieve by their particular age. Milestones example include: standing and cruising by 12 months, using meaningful words by 18 months, jumping with both feet by 3 years, stringing beads and copying circles by 4 years and doing puzzles by 5 years.

Why is it a problem?

School children who are behind on their developmental milestones as compared to their peers may struggle in the classroom. As developmental milestones build on the previous achievements, children who miss milestones can fall futher and further behind their peers.


For younger children, delays in milestones can point to deficients in language, congitive function or physical strength or a specific underderlying medical or social-communicative problem.

How can OT help?

Through observational play, standardised tests, completing tasks and checking developmental 

questionaires, OTs can idenitify gaps in a child's development. The results may indicate a specific problem tending towards a diagnosis or just some deficits. Either way, therapy can then be implemented to target the areas where the child is delayed or struggling. 

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